Now and Next: Launching a brand, Coronavirus, Hummer, The Valuable 500, and more


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It’s never been easier to launch a brand
According to The Economist, it has never been easier to launch a new brand, yet the world’s biggest brands appear to be getting stickier. This article assesses the advantages both have in the race for total domination. Read more

How design can stop the spread of the Coronavirus
The first step to combating any outbreak is containment, but communicating that message effectively to entire population is incredibly difficult. In the wake of the Coronavirus, data visualization specialists and public health officials are leveraging design to keep us safe. Read more

Walmart spent $5.6m to promote order pickup during the Super Bowl, but why?
Order pick up has been a pillar of brands like McDonalds, Starbucks and others for so many years. In 2018 the U.S. convenience store industry generated $242 billion in sales. So why has retail been so late to catch on to the value of order pickup? And what will be the next customer-driven change that disrupts the industry? Read more

When community becomes competitive advantage
When you look Salesforce’s near-2 million strong ‘Trailblazers’ community, or Fitbit’s community of over 25 million members, there’s no denying that online communities are generating tangible value for businesses. But it’s the intangible value that makes these environments sticky. Read more

Can Hummer make an electric comeback?
Hummer: a brand synonymous with the machismo and excess of the 90s and early 2000s. But the uber-masculine hoi polloi made a number of enemies as attitudes surrounding masculinity, environmentalism, and the economy shifted. Is it too late to say sorry? A cautionary tale of brand (ir)relevance. Read more


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